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“I’m constantly coming across those scenes in my world that stop me in my tracks.  The raw beauty leaves me totally awestruck at times and I literally feel it manifest in my gut.  The magic of how form is traced by light, how atmosphere nuances colour; the possibilities are endless. I have a strong need and necessity to express it and words simply aren’t enough.” 

Being creative has been an important aspect of Julie’s world for most of her life.  Julie now pursues her art full time and is consumed by her passion for painting and her dedication to growing her art.  This fabulous journey has led her to paint and to study with some of Canada’s most renowned painters.

Now living in the beautiful Rideau Lakes area, Julie constantly finds herself overwhelmed with and in awe of the beauty of nature all around.  Her desire to pay homage to the magic of her surrounding landscapes, through all seasons, provides a never-ending source of inspiration.  She finds herself witness to a constant array of nature’s stunning images that unrelentingly demand to be translated onto canvas.  Working her keen eye for colour and light, she brings the beauty and magic of nature into her work. 

 Julie's paintings have been featured in The Gordon Harrison Gallery, Santini Gallery, Studio 87, Shenkman Arts Centre, Perth Gallery, Lunasol Ottawa, Gallery on Gore, Heritage House Museum, Manotick Gallery, The Humm Magazine and Rothwell Gallery. 

 Julie’s paintings can be found in private collections in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, Norway and the UK.

Her work can currently be found at Studio 87, Santini Gallery, Craig Gallery or on the Portfolio page.

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